Introduction of the employment Tribunal:

The Employment Tribunal of the Maldives was established in December 2008 pursuant to the Employment Act 2008. The Employment Tribunal is composed of 7 members who are appointed to the post by the president of the Maldives. Amongst the 7 members, two are designated by the President of the Maldives as the President of the Tribunal and the Vice President respectively

To provide efficient and timely solution to the cases submitted in relation to the conflicts between employees employers in work environment.


The main objective of employment tribunal is to address the cases, submitted in relation to employment issues, under the employment Act, regulations or in any Job contract that can be processed by Employment Tribunal in efficient and timely manner.

Our Values:

Equality: Maintain equality among the claimants and defendants on addressing cases.

Integrity: Not giving the opportunity to be influenced and working independently.

Professionalism: Utilizing human capabilities, and following applicable rules and regulations while providing services.